Accidentally heard BBC Radio 4 - half a dozen people on talking about how the Democrats could go about shutting down Trump... *Nothing* about how the Republicans could shut down the Democrats.

Zero balance - just 'goodies' and 'baddies' in the BBC world view... yawn.

@pperrin Trouble is, the silent majority are that for a reason; most of the talking heads are left-leaning by nature.

@Battsby we have founded a safe space in Brighton... so those of us who aren't lefty loons can have sensible conversation - maybe the idea will spread?

@pperrin Woohoo! And I'm actually on leave that week!

@Battsby I don't know where you are based, but you are most welcome to sign up :) - we meet twice a month, one meeting in a cafe, one in a pub. Mostly wondering if we are the only libertarians in Brighton, or we just haven't found the others, or the others are too scared to show themselves and we need to be even safer :)

@pperrin I'm not far away. I live in Nutley, up the A22, just north of Uckfield.

@Battsby It would be good to meet you, if you can make it :)

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