Well Gammon.club didn't get traction... and now Trump has had his alt-media social media conference, it seems my efforts are not needed(!) - we have the big boys on board against the progressive oppression of free speech.

Gutted... Mastodon was only ever the answer for a tiny group of progressives...

I now know this because there is nothing here for the bulk of humanity....

The Labour Party are all scum - sifting between the slightly different bits of scum is a task for morons >> REVEALED: The Momentum plot to take over top roles on city council - behind the back of fellow Labour councillors buff.ly/2H2BRUY

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The utopian fallacy paralyzes libertarians. Find something you can make better, even if it's just one thing. Recommend a book. Protect yourself or someone else from an act of oppression. Publicize an injustice.

Don't just complain and wait for John Galt. At least complain effectively.

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Julian Assange should not be extradited to US - Jeremy Corbyn 

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UK goverment is preventing VPN and TOR users from browsing it's websites
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I'm to the right economicly but I support the abolition of copyright law.
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Abolish copyright law and watch the rich cry due to all the freedom that has just been created

France has a new Napoleon/Marie Antoinette.

UK has a new Lady Haw Haw/Neville Chamberlain

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By 100% destroying the Conservative Party at the next general election, whoever does win will be on notice as to what will happen if they also fail to complete .

Destroy the Tory Party.

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Is mastodon now dead in the EU?

Unless it can screen all uploaded content for commercial material surely it won't be compliant with the new EU 'all your internet belong to us' seizure of the internet laws (#article11 and #article13)


Stop poking the hornets nest - keep at 11pm 29th Match 2019... >> Furious Brexiteers cause traffic chaos across the country buff.ly/2WgNxtp

British values include good sportsmanship, and so accepting defeat with grace.

Remoaners do not share our British values, they have no place here. Europe may suit them better.

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I got two free months of kindle unlimited :).

I don't have much time to read, but do listen...

So I added a plugin 'read aloud' to chrome, which (by chance) reads the books from the kindle cloud pretty well - and the page 'syncing' is fine too.

Brexit phase 1 is complete - we have proven that democracy doesn't work, isn't the way.

Everything is 100% clear - only parliament is blocking WTO. Representative Democracy died when MPs decided they could vote against the people and their manifestos.

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